STAQ at SQuInT 2020

February 11, 2020

The 22nd Annual SQuInT workshop was held in Eugene, Oregon. Organized by STAQer Akimasa Miyake, University of New Mexico, with Brian Smith at the University of Oregon.

STAQ presented one invited talk and three contributed talks. 

Maya Berlin-Udi from the Haeffner group describes hardware efforts  Exploring electric-field noise mechanisms through treatments of an ion trap surface

Prof. Peter Love discussed applications for high-energy physics in Simulating quantum field theory in the light-front formulation

Crystal Noel from the Monroe group explains the STAQ hardware vision A universal quantum computer based on long chains of ions

The workshop ended with Prof. Jungsang Kim laying out the engineering challenge of Engineering a practical quantum computer. 

Posters were presented from the groups of Miyake, Haeffner, Brown, and Gorshkov.