Computer power drives scientific and economic progress. To keep advancing, we will need near-term quantum computers.


  • Reliable, scalable and flexible hardware
  • Agile software stack for optimizing performance
  • Applications that promise a quantum advantage on small devices


  • Users to interact with quantum hardware
  • Engineers to contribute to design and construction of larger quantum systems
  • Computer scientist to test heuristic quantum algorithms


  • Large scale quantum information devices compatible with error correction
  • Workforce development in quantum information technologies
  • Public resources for quantum information science, e.g. a quantum computer user facility



Cross-Cutting Themes

  ConnectivityModalitiesErrors and Validation

Vertical Stack

ApplicationsGraph complexity of the problemAnalog vs. digital quantum simulationsError resistant circuits for specific algorithms
Software StackIdentify clusters and measure bandwidthCompilation tools for analog simulationCompare answers for optimal compilations
HardwareImplement modulesExposed knobsBenchmarking