Physical Platform: Trapped Ion Qubits

QUBITS: Atomic clock levels; perfect qubit replication

INITIALIZATION: optical pumping (qubits) and laser cooling (motion)

MEASUREMENT: state-dependent fluorescence imaging

MONOLITHIC: Silicon ion-trap chips to store and shuttle 100s of qubits

GATES: mediated through collective motion and control laser fields

State of the Art in 2018

QUBIT COHERENCE: T1 & T2 times >1000 sec

INITIALIZATION: fidelity >0.999

MEASUREMENT: fidelity >0.999

GATES: 0.99999 (1-qubit), 0.999 (2-qubit)

CONTROL (limited control): 50-200 qubits

CONTROL (full control): 7 qubits on a 32-qubit template, at 0.99 fidelity

STAQ Goals

Fully-connected and controllable quantum system with >32 qubits with two-qubit fidelity >0.999