The team is structured along three main research areas of the vertical stack required to achieve our goal of demonstrating a quantum advantage: Applications, Software stack, and Hardware. The PI, Ken Brown, will oversee integration of the vertical stack and communication between research areas. Application exploration will be led by Peter Love. Team members Aram Harrow, Alexey Gorshkov, Akimasa Miyake, and Ken Brown will contribute to the application area. Software stack development will be led by Fred Chong. Team members Jungsang Kim, Akimasa Miyake, and Ken Brown will help develop the software stack. Kim will focus on the interface to Hardware and Miyake will focus on the interface to applications. Hardware implementation will be led by Chris Monroe. Team members Hartmut Haeffner, Jungsang Kim, Alexey Gorshkov, and Ken Brown will contribute to the hardware task. Gorshkov will be tasked with ensuring that critical hardware features are exposed at the application layer.



Kenneth R Brown

Michael J. Fitzpatrick Distinguished Professor of Engineering

Duke University



Fred Chong

Software Stack Lead

University of Chicago

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Alexey Gorshkov

Applications and Hardware

Joint Quantum Institute


Jungsang Kim

Schiciano Family Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Peter J. Love

Applications Lead

Tufts University