Quantum Ideas Summer School

2024 Session

Topics covered include: Quantum Computation Overview, Hardware Tutorials, Algorithms for Near-Term Devices, and Quantum Error Correction.


Confirmed lecturers:

Jonathan Baker, UT Austin 
Kenneth Brown, Duke University 
Marko Cetina, Duke University
Jacob Covey, University of Illinois 
Poulami Das, UT Austin
Emily Edwards, Duke University
Alaina Marie Green, University of Maryland, College Park
Aram Harrow, MIT
Peter Love, Tufts University
Akimasa Miyake, University of New Mexico
Mario Motta, IBM
Ted Thorbeck, IBM 

The Quantum Ideas Summer School is open to Undergraduates, Graduate Students, and Industry participants. Support for Undergraduate and Graduate students is funded by the National Science Foundation (award #PHY-1818914).